Outapi-based artist Torshlam Lekwasz is growing from strength to strength despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic which is ravaging the world.

With the relaxation of the Covid-19 regulations last month, now people are free to go to clubs and music shows as long as they are not coming together in groups bigger that 50 people.

“Things are now becoming better,” says Torshlam, “at least we are getting some gigs although they are not as they used to be. But at least we are getting something, not like the time of complete lockdown. Things are improving. Since jukeboxes are opening, at least now we are selling our CDs.”

In September Torshlam released a collaboration 14 track album with Kinzzo titled ‘Unfold Discovery’.

“There is another collabo album coming by the end of this month. This one I did it with Pistol Nyangaz. The title of this album is ‘Odogwu (Kings)’.

“My own full album will come at the end of the year.”

In the photo: Torshlam. (Photo by Alco Vibe)