With an economy that has been backpedaling for years and a Covid-19 situation that came in to make matters worse, Namibia’s entertainment sector has all but died.

No. Next week, on 25 June 2022, there will be the Windhoek Draught Gazza & Friends Multi-Concert in Windhoek.

That will be something big. It will be something that will keep away the scavengers who may want to write the post-mortem documents of the once thriving music industry.

The show featuring some big names such as Tswazis, Lioness, Ethnix and Gazlam himself, taking place one night at five different places across the city will be a big thing for the Windhoekers after such a long entertainment drought.

And all that is thanks to Windhoek Draught.

For a country that claims to be a Christian nation, if the entertainment sector will get out of the dust, it is a company that produces and sells alcohol which is doing something to that end.

In the photo: The line-up at the ‘1 City, 1 Night, 5 Shows’ of Gazza & Friends.