Back to known chaos

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

They say you must keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

But in the past four years the international community was trapped in a “Bermuda Triangle” in which logic and business as usual was put aside to understand the Orange Flue and to redefine enemy lines as well as question the loyalty of friends and enemies.

And during this turmoil, allies became foes fused into one and very confusing.

With my long-term dismay for the US, and my well-furnished loath for their global policing, I had to take a keen interest in their electoral politics. Like a typical Namibian who was ignorant of global economics, I suddenly understood and even developed a world opinion on the social and economic dynamics of America, especially the impact it has on my emotions.

I was forced to change my hardened stance against anything American and start showing sympathy towards the ordinary citizens, who for decades were just part of the background.

For the first time, I saw myself in the lives and eyes of the once strong and arrogant Americans who showed no care for the lives and hardship of many African countries. I could associate the ambiguity of the Americans with that of Namibia and other African countries during military occupations and civil wars.

For days on end, America was exposed as being just another nation that is as vulnerable as any other country. I was overwhelmed by such great pity.

For a change, the ordinary Americans, I hope, could understand the plight of the people of Palestine, experiencing daily suppressions and systematic occupation by Israel; the Federal government being the latter and the states the former.

The might of the police, soldiers, other uniformed military forces, be they marked or unmarked.

The citizens were crippled by fear, uncertainty, oppression and death. The streets bled, families torn apart, communities segmented into rival groups and the anger and differences fuelled through miss-information, instigation, propaganda and government cover-ups.

Grounded in my shithole country across the Atlantic Ocean, I observed the rising smoke, the familiar teargas, the cruelty and hate, the racism, the cries, the hopelessness; I could not help but to be sympathetic to the once faceless people.

I could not help but feel their hurt, their betrayal, their confusion, their insecurities, and their loss in the hands of a democratically elected tyrant with an autocratic rule.

I sat by my warm fire and looked into the distance wondering how the US could impose democracy on the global community and yet become the very ideology they have been fighting against. Dictatorship.

How one Orangeman could become ruthless against the citizens of a mighty country; against the international community; against humanity?

I could see a corrupt, military styled leadership and power hungry Dictator in the mind and demeanour of the Orangeman.

But after a long sigh, I smiled at the dawn of a new day; the normalisation to a well defined inter-relationship between the communities in the global village.