Ama Come and Go…

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

Politics has got a funny way of balancing itself out. With politics truth is but an equaliser in a world controlled through pressure and whirlwinds.

In any given community, especially in Namibia, a whirlwind is not a welcoming sight. In all the communities and cultures, people whirl insults and express their anger when a whirlwind finds itself in their midst.

Since we don’t have “storms” I can only say that the unity during a whirlwind is like ‘vas-vat”: it glues people together. In unison and in different tongues, they instruct, swear at and even redirect the whirlwind to either pass quickly or return to wherever it came from.

But this, I believe, confuses the whirlwind more and causes it to get angrier and more aggressive.

The Namibian politics just experienced a whirlwind of its own; the people have grown weary of the corruption, lies and intolerance of the “liberators-turned-capturers-and-emperors”.

Like a small “storm” the agitation of the people grew over the years in the background and because of the “obliviousness” of the 2030 Visionaries, they could not see the “storm” gaining in strength. For them it was but an eye twitching, an itch on the forearm; it was just a sneeze that could just not come out.

Eventually, the twitch turned into a cry; a “mourning” ceremony.  The irritable itch became an aggressive allergy; life threatening (for the ruling party). The sneeze developed into a common flu, a deadly disease.

As in the scenario of the whirlwind, the people responded in Unison to rebuke the destructive whirlwind. Timely the people regained their strength to break away from the web of lies, corruption and “accepted” norms and customs of the ruling elite.

The people spoke!

Anger has no colour and insults sink below economic differences; arrogance has no “founding-nations” anymore. Namibians have removed their blindness and are able to see the “enemy” within. All along their anger has been directed to the Apartheid Regime and made to see only what they were shown.

This time around, the people have managed to move from visual presentation; they have cast a deaf ear from the narrative of liberation accolades to a more emotional response of a depressing reality.

Namibians have come to learn that the construct remains the same, 30 years into independence. The majority are still oppressed and exploited by the ruling elite who have managed to transform themselves from combatants, to multi-millionaires with government “salaries and packages”.

The wealth is in the packages part of the “salaries and packages”.

Today is the 10th December, a historic day of remembrance, appreciation and celebration of a social transformation. Wondering if the forbearers are able to associate themselves with the current situation in the country with that which they stood for?

Most definitely not, they have been part of the masses that cast the Whirlwind into all sorts of dark places.

The spirit of revolting and fighting the injustice against the majority of Namibians is surely rekindled and is evident through the latest election results.