A Dirty Thumb and 2 Crosses

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

Election is such an insulting exercise yet it is democratic for that matter. We are all coerced “willing-voters-willing-losers” in a well popularised plot of hustle or coil into poverty.

Anyway, the elections came, promises, a.k.a well-defined lies, were dished out and the counting will decide who had the best of tricks this time around.

Of late, voting in Namibia has become such a traumatic experience, standing by yourself in the voting booth and still you hear the voices of the people who “shaped” you. Each of the many voices instructs and shouts and yells and warns you at the same time.

At that moment, it’s as if your different faculties are possessed by the various spirits that have manifest themselves in your person. The eyes see the candidate you want to vote for, your mind reminds you of the people who gave you HaramBEE food and forgotten clothes during the election campaigns, and then there is your emotions, taking you back, way back… to before you were born.

In the end you’re tempted to put two crosses on the same ballot while you suck a dirty thumb.

If political parties, especially from the ruling elite, were able to scan voters with their eyes to see what party they voted for or if they could psycho-analyse each voter walking out of the polling station; they would do just that.

With so many elitist fraud and arrogance exposed during the campaigns, many of the die-hard “come-raids” cannot wait to assess the extent of the damage they have inflicted on themselves.

So much has happened in “20-Twende” that even the loudest of the “economic raiders” and “social decayers” have lost their venom and sharpness. They keep checking the “Pandora’s Box” and pray their skeletons don’t escape.

Time is ticking though; even if the manifestos have deafened the ears of the politicians, they can sense change.

The murmuring of the silent and the praying silhouettes of the hungry have put so much doubt in the current rulers and many people have learned to really keep their votes “secret”; an unwelcoming and bread-snatching phenomenon amongst the shrinking elite.

 For a change things are not the way they ought to be. Enough of that…

Voter apathy is still rife in Namibia but for all the volunteers who gallantly participated in a mass democratic suicide, there is a reward.

The only way you can qualify and therefore collect your reward is by showing your dirty thumb upon entering the reward ceremony. Each region in Namibia will be allocated a scheme or tender or #rot as per recommendation by the Commission of Unidentified Resources Stolen and Exported (CURSE).

According to the CURSE, there are plenty of resources recovered from all the corruption schemes and these funds are safely kept in One Big Pot aka Pot of Cash.

As for the people who did not vote, if your thumb is not polluted by some poisonous ink, you should take an unpaid leave day or work the hours back.

I mean, we are trying to root out corruption!

# The Author is an anonymous, talented but frustrated writer who continues to vent his/her frustration at a broken structure known as the Namibian society.