Shocking attitude of Legal Assistance Centre

By Victor Angula |

In any society there is no sacrosanct an institution as the institution which dispenses justice and doles out appropriate punishment to those who have offended the law.

And that institution is the Judiciary.

However Namibia is in a serious predicament. The very institution which has the Constitutional mandate of administering justice, and maintaining Namibia’s legal framework, has allowed its own integrity to be eroded and its reputation to go to the dogs.

All this thanks to several role players. One of which is the Legal Assistance Centre, a law advocacy civil society organization established in the twilight years of Apartheid (1988).

During a telephone conversation on 22 October 2020, the Director of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) Ms Toni Hancox came out strongly showing her true colours, leaving nothing to imaginations and assumptions.

Ms Hancox’s attitude was shockingly amateurish and unprofessional. She simply acted like a cheeky high school girl. It was very shocking of someone who has been the director of this law centre for about ten years.

I had picked up the phone and called Ms Hancox to ask her about her statement earlier in the week in which she condemned the President of Namibia for the remarks the president had made at the ruling party’s event.

The president had said that he had observed a serious trend by which white Namibians have been mobilizing to go and vote in big numbers in order to remove the party from power. And the president said that such an action was a declaration of war on the very party which has for the past 30 years protected the interests of white Namibians.

Ms Hancox was quoted in the local media saying that the president was wrong in targeting a specific section of the population who were exercising their democratic rights.

As a result I wanted to ask Ms Hancox why she was quick to criticize the president on a political issue but she has been quiet on the issues of which people have targeted and criticized the judiciary, which is her line of work.

Instead Ms Hancox came on the line bluffing and puffing and coming close to telling me to go to hell.

It was a shocking display of someone who has lost it. The Namibian justice system is broken due to the consistent advocacy of the LAC, feminists and shadowy individuals who have taken it upon themselves to destroy the justice system.

And now their chickens are coming home to roost.