God’s time is the right time

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel |

There are things which seem so easy to get. But there are also those things which seem to be hard to get or handle.

This can teach us that in life there is time for everything and everything has its own time due to God’s time and plan.

Most times we end up failing to get what we really want, sometimes even while thinking we are now ready or we deserve to get married, to go to university, to get rich, to get promoted, etc. And if all these things don’t happen we then become disappointed or start to see life as unfair, or we don’t even consider ourselves lucky and important.

But then we fail to realize that everything happens at God’s time. God’s plan is the best and it never fail. Listen to his voice; he is talking to you saying count on me, be my child, just wait because good things come to those who wait, trust me and believe in me, submit yourself to me, seek my face and you will find me, call me and I will answer you, knock on my door and I will open it for you.

Yes, God’s plan might be taking long; but it might be because it’s being prepared well because it’s very special and unique for you.

God doesn’t change his mind, and he doesn’t lie. He always sticks on his will. He is a merciful God, loving and kind and easily understands and always sees the heart.

What you need to do is to trust him, believe in him, obey him, and all shall be given to you for free at the right time.

Therefore do not cut off your life from the supply belt of all the things you want; good things are still to come just if you trust him with all your heart. Do not rely on your own wisdom. Think about him in all ways.

He will prepare your table before you one day, just one day, and shame the devil. Learn to wait!