Don’t be tired of being good

Don’t be tired of being good

Don’t be tired of being good

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel  /

It is such a good thing to always have people by our side. We cannot live without people. It would be lonely and boring, so we don’t need to chase away people or reject them or misuse them.

People are very important in our lives, doesn’t matter who the person is. So if you are one of those who look down on people, you simply need grace.

You do need grace from above because it is such a great thing to be around with people if you are looking up at each other instead of looking down.

Of course it is tough to be with people. There will be times of conflict, times of misunderstanding, and times of feeling annoyed. But there is always a moment for us to reflect and see that there was nothing much serious about the conflict, so let it go and we start all over.

What is important is to learn how to be a good person anyway. It does not matter the circumstances or the situation at hand, just be good to others.

So let us learn a bit how to be a good person ever and always with others. Here are seven steps that might make you know how to be good with people.

  1. BE POSITIVE. We must always be good in mind and kind in the heart with the people. If the people are bad to us, it is because their hearts are full of negative reactions. But in response we must rather show them goodness because our hearts are full of positive vibes.
  2. BE HONEST. We must always tell the truth and fulfill our promises that we make to others. This is because a good personality always starts from an honest point of departure.
  3. BE HUMBLE. We must learn how to humble ourselves in front of people even if we think that they are useless. Pride can make us to fall down and make us to become simple like the people we believe they are simple to us.
  4. BE KIND. Be kind to yourself first and know how to be the same to others. Bad words towards others can destroy the heart. Bad words are like a sword which cuts both ways. Bad words damage not only the heart of the person you talk about but also your own heart gets damaged.
  5. BE HELPFUL. Giving assistance to others can lift your good qualities up, and God will always pay you back on your deeds.
  6. AVOID GOSSIPING. Stop talking behind people’s backs. Learn to quit wrong conversations and avoid talking too much. If you have nothing good to say about someone, you better keep quiet. No one will pay you for talking bad, mocking and gossiping others.
  7. FORGIVE. Sometimes people will do or say bad things about you. But just forgive and forget. Smile and let it go. Delete all the bad memories and free your mind and heart.

So let us be good people in all ways and learn to love each other with the love from above.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, Christian author and columnist. Her first book “Listen to your heart” was published in 2022.