The what of what is what…

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

At times we become hard-of-hearing when our understanding is uprooted from what we believed was a solid foundation.

We become dumb-founded when suddenly we remove the eye pads to realise that there is more to life than political heavens created over the years.

Outside the political mansions many politicians found refuge in, there are people who bleed, people who go hungry, people who are destitute, faces that have names and families and needs.

Outside this pirated comfort of political structures and creed, the votes belong to people who for many years trusted social guidance and political leadership but ended up in shacks and on the outskirts of political agendas.

An injury to one [was never] an injury to all”, was nothing but hypnotic slogans used by the ruling elite. Right after independence, many slogans became nothing but rhetoric to keep the masses at bay and “served”.

The ruling elite, together with their capitalist friends, adopted schemes and initiated countless projects under the banner of a “Free Market System”. This system translated as “Elke een vir homself…” it signalled the birth of Black Elite, comprising of politicians-turned-businessmen; businessmen-turned-politicians.

Together they ventured into smart partnerships to exploit the economy and natural resources of the country. They became the “New Money”.

The above recipe, with all its ingredients, has proven itself effective throughout Africa and Namibia was on course to experiment with the recipe and try out the dish. Like many African countries, the dish failed and “the fishrot ran away with the spoon”.

These failures are evident in the dismal performance of the once “invisible magic” of the ruling elite. It’s a mere manifestation of the bitterness, the anger, the hopelessness and desires expressed through the ballot.

The people have spoken” is yet another slogan we have heard for so many years and it has long lost its potency within the political actions after ground-breaking speeches and debacles.

The people are only listened to when they “speak” with their votes and shortly afterwards their desires boomerang back to them; their cries are bounced back to them from deaf ears.  History has taught us that politicians rely heavily on the ignorance and loyalties of the socio-political victims aka the electorate.

With a second wave of “winds of change” currently blowing throughout the country, I can only wish for a better Namibia with an inclusive approach to socio-economic development. Hopefully the “Too-much-Haves” will find within their humanity to share with the “Absolutely-Nothing-Have-nots”.

Equally, the “Fake-Have-Nots”, the ones with fishing quotas and off-shore accounts, will share their spoils with the “Previously- disadvantaged-and-currently-still-disadvantaged” Namibians and then teach the degenerates or popularly known as the masses how to “fake poverty and empathy”.

For a change, the academia has gotten into bed with the working class.

I’m therefore keeping an open mind to what will be birthed from this union. Mind you, I’m not talking about the Workers Unions; they have long expressed their lust for the faded ruling elite.