2021 shall be the do or die year

By Victor Angula |

The list of my new year’s resolutions is short actually, that it consists of only four items, namely:

  1. The Judicial Service Commission of Namibia
  1. Ms Eldorette Harmse
  1. The four commercial banks & MTC
  1. DBN/Finance Ministry

New year’s resolutions are personal things, so that it is not required or expected that one should explain them. They are personal goals for the year.

The list of my resolutions is short but explosive. The implementation of the items on the list will make me or break me. This is why this year will certainly be the do or die year.

This year is set to be a year of fireworks on the personal level and also on the professional level, and so one thing which is for sure is that there will be no returning back to the same condition.

This is the year to burn down the bridges. Either we win or we perish.

Indeed there is a thin line between my personal life and my professional life. When I go to work I go along with the baggage of my emotions.

But then emotions are powerful and potentially explosive. Emotions can build and they can break.

This year there shall be progress or there shall be a mess. Enough is surely enough. I can no longer go around in circles. The time for “professional” engagement is gone.

Those who want to be engaged professionally while they continue to act stubbornly and in an unresponsive manner they can expect none of such professionalism from this side. Those who want to be treated or approached with respect while they continue to display a disdainful attitude towards others they can only expect that respect to come from elsewhere.

Otherwise I wish everyone reading this a happy year on the personal level and a successful year on the professional level.

Let 2021 roll!!