Confuse them with your silence

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

It seems, most times the problem we have with ourselves as humans is the problem of saying just what is not ready to be said.

And ladies, we all seem to have this problem and most times there are countless reasons why we do this.

To make people know that we are somebody who also has some worth, as girls we try to make ourselves look big with our mouths. As a result we try our best to talk others down while talking ourselves up.

We are ready to say everything that can be said, to have a stand and express ourselves on anything that is of any worth and make people see us as important too, and in the process we may say more than we actually should.

But have you ever thought of the importance of silence? Have you ever thought of the reason why you have been given a mouth with two lips and a brain to think? The main reason is for you to open your lips and let your tongue speak only at the right time and talk the right thing, or choose to close your lips and let no tongue out.

It’s to be able to envisage when our words are needed to be heard and when we are to be silent even when the situation and circumstances around us seemingly want us to speak out.

Yes, life can be a bit complicated and demanding; it can throw you off-balance and give you no reason to be logical. However although you have no control over many situations, you do have control over your own mouth.

Of course people are always in the habit of provoking others to speak.

But you may do well to keep your mouth shut and keep the people around you guessing, keep them wondering and looking over their shoulder for your voice. They might even yell at you, or say some unkind words to you, but you do nothing and say nothing.

You’re not doing them a favour but you’re doing yourself a favor, hearing nothing from you you become that girl (ha ha ha!) that makes them feel unsure of themselves.

Your silence disrupts their confidence. It breaks the flow of their thoughts regarding the impression they have of you, so that they just won’t know how to get to you because you prove that the best response to a fool is silence.

Like we go to a party and I don’t dance and no one is going to laugh at my dance moves, because I haven’t danced. They will keep coming up with ways to define me because I never provided them any.

Instead of you trying to give reasons as to why you are better or why they are wrong, why not just keep quiet and steadily work towards your dream bearing in mind that to have a goal is better than the circumstances around you.

Because the whole essence of going down your particular path is for your own sake. Why don’t you keep them confused by your silence, while you stay focused on your goals? You are you and nobody is you, and nothing makes a difference whether you talk about it. The moment you start bearing in mind that nobody knows anything about you is the moment you will begin to understand that talking to convince people about who you are doesn’t give them exactly what they need to say about you. So just let them play the guessing game.

Just leave them in silence and let your actions do the talking; put on your smile and confuse them with your choice of saying nothing.

What more fun to have than giving people nothing revealing about you while you live your  life to the fullest.

Thank you for reading and have a great and inspiring day.