How and why be an independent lady

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela  /

In the world of today even a lady must also be independent and live her life to the fullest.

My fellow ladies, are you an independent woman? Or at least, are you trying to be?

To be independent is to be successful and live the life of your dreams. When you’re independent your success does not end. You achieve one, two, three … and a lot more of your goals. I mean, you see, how do you like that?

It’s such a nice thing to achieve the goals that you want to achieve and so not depend on anyone or wait for someone else to fight for and achieve your goals.

Being a strong and independent woman makes you to have one of the most appreciable qualities of any human being.

So if you see that you still need to strengthen that attitude, it’s not time to waste your time, but to take a step forward.

I, myself, am on the path to independence. And I believe that the following few keys will transform any one of us and make you a strong and independent woman. They will lead you to what you are looking for.

Of course it’s not an easy thing to walk on the path to independence.

But mEhangano, Eimbilo 43 oveelise 3 talks about the struggles we have to go through on our way to achieving our heart’s desires.

So raise your voice. Express yourself without fear. Work yourself out of your situation. What do you think? Unlike your grandma, you have the ability to make yourself heard. You have the potential to raise yourself and stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone (with any man for that matter.)

Never let other people trample on your potential, let alone make you to be silent. But you must always arm yourself with value and criteria to give your opinion authority, offer ideas and change erroneous situations wherever you may be.

Never forget that you have the power if you are independent.

For you to be an independent lady you also need to be free. To depend on your partner, or on the family, is the easiest way. But being an independent woman is rewarding.

Then why not try it? If you’re in that comfort zone, just leave it now and look for a job or do something that makes you free and independent.

The only way to be free is by earning your own money. By contributing to the expenses of your home and then dispose of as you want what is left.

If you’re a single lady, then you will spoil yourself with your own earnings. And if you’re married or have a partner to share a life with, then you go 50/50 with him because you’re an independent woman.

Cheers to the independent ladies!!