Just be you

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

You may all have by now noticed that life is a journey. And so I have learned to be more and fully aware of who I am on this journey.

Life does teach us to be who we are. Every day experiences teaching you, moment in, moment out, who you really are. Every experience is here to teach us how to be who we really are meant to be.

Just being myself, it was a lesson long in coming, recognizing that I had the instinct. That by the inner voice which told me that I needed to try to find the way to answer to my own truth, it was the voice I needed to stand and listen to.

So when people show you who they are, believe them first time. It’s them trying to show you who they really are.

When you’re mistreated by another the first time, or if they show you a lack of integrity or dishonesty the first time, know that that experience will be followed by many other times that at some point in time you may come to realize that that is who they are meant to be.

Be true to yourself and live your life from a point of view of truth my dearest ladies. Let us live our lives from the point of truth and you will survive everything. I believe even death. You will survive everything if you can live your life from a point of view of Truth.

That took me a while to get to and stop pretending to be somebody I couldn’t be, after understanding the voice deep inside myself and when I was willing to listen to it and accept that my own truth and only my own truth could set me free.

My own truth and only my own truth did set me free, and turned my wounds into wisdom.

As a human being living in this world, you will be wounded many times in your life, and you will make mistakes and you will fail and fall many times. But by staying true to yourself it will set you free from all doubts, worries, regrets and disappointments.