Dream it, believe it and get it

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

I hear people say that if you dream of achieving something and you believe it, you will achieve it if you don’t give up. That’s right. If you dream it you get it.

But just dreaming and believing is not enough though.

There is another part which is the most important part of the equation, and that part is work or action.

Actually doing something everyday, that is what you have to do to achieve anything. Yeah, you gotta dream it and also believe it, but you better get the work done.

Most people will not be successful, they will not reach whatever they dreamed, because when there’s nothing emotional attached to it, they are gonna quit and give up.

Most people were closer than they ever thought that they were to finishing that big thing, but they never finished it, because they didn’t feel like finishing it or they were doing it and there was pain and most of us ladies quit during the pain. It’s because pain hurts so bad that we don’t know if we wanna keep going to get the goal, because you’re gonna wake up most days and not feel like it.

You can win if you choose to learn the things that you need to do dearest ladies; we have to make responsibility for where we are currently and we have to say I’m where I am currently because I don’t do x, y and z but once we accept the truth we are able to then move forward with the actions required to get us to where we wanna go.

Discipline your body. Keep on doing the work towards your dream even when your body is paining. Free your mind and get up early and go. Go after it and you will become the person you wanna be and you become that lady through one, small decision at a time.