Just live your life

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela |

The thing is, my sisters, I want you to live your life and just stop living other people’s lives.

This is really a big problem that we do have many of us nowadays. We put ourselves in a situation of stress and sadness, because we are trying to live a life that is not ours.

We are trying to live other people’s lives. And this is why we spend a lot of time looking over the fence to see what is happening on the other side, because you’re not appreciating what you have on your side.

Like, for example, I’m not here to hate on anybody, but I’m just saying… Like this Instagram concept. Right, I’m not on Instagram. And I’m not saying it is halal… No, I’m not. But the concept amazes me.

And yet our lives have become so attracted to it that it brings unnecessary stress. Why? Because you’re so caught up with how other people are living their lives moshili shovene, that the only thing you can see in your life is what is missing.

And again forgive me for saying it; these are my people who have become so shallow that you need to follow people now, or you need people to follow and see what you’re up to?

I don’t understand, like people take selfies like “just had lunch.” Really? Are you that bored; just had lunch? Is that all you can share with the world?

But you don’t understand the pressure it has on individuals, even marriages. Some people didn’t have lunch because they can’t afford it. Yet you’re in their face with your selfies.

Really people who take a selfie and then put it up on the internet, I find that amazing. If you’re so sincere why don’t you take a photo as soon as you wake up in the morning? You know, while you still got those funny things in your eyes.

No, the picture is selected, always a photo when on a holiday or at a restaurant. You go to extreme efforts to show the world that you’re living life but in truth you’re not living life.

You’re a human (woman) being like everyone else and what happens in your life is not always hahaha…

I say to people kutya even if you’re happy don’t show it to the world, because people will start to hate on you and start wishing you all the bad things. And you know that people’s negative vibes can reach your network and affect you.

So just live your life my sister.