The cruelty of capitalist town councils (part 2)

By Shivute Kaapanda [Think Tank Africa]

The modus operandi of a capitalist is very disturbing and devilish.

The capitalist system does not allow communal farming within the urban area; those poor residents with few cattle, goats and sheep should immediately stop with the farming or find another land somewhere else to keep their animals.

Those with mahangu fields should stop with farming and find land somewhere else not within the boundaries of capitalist territory of a town council for the town council will bring development to a place and therefore there is no need for farming.

One of the good developments which the capitalist town council can bring to an area is a food retailer shop from South Africa called Shoprite that will do the business of selling all food types; remember that the poor families have to give up their communal farming which has sustained them for decades so that they will buy food from the capitalist Shoprite.

With the arrival of things like Shoprite the order of things have changed, because capitalists are lazy and abusive creatures with money and still want more money; they force their style of living down the throats of the poor by introducing capitalist life-styles into the lives of the indigenous poor community.

The system is evil and cares more about money and lifestyle of the capitalist and it cares less about the poor, the poor have to obey to the logic of capitalism in all their spheres of life.

Capitalism controls economics, politics and the law. Imagine if a capitalistic law says a legally recognized marriage is only the one between one man and one woman; it would mean those with polygamous ideas, choices and talents would have to find convenience at other planets before they are suffocated by the capitalist legal system on earth.

Many think the capitalist legal system is the order of God because even the Bible says similar things on monogamous marriages. It’s not that people are right in thinking or supporting capitalist ideals, but rather the system got them thinking the way they are thinking. The pattern of thought and reason is what the system logically dictates.

The majority of the oppressed people don’t want to think above the system; they think to think above the system is evil and unlawful. What they however don’t know is that legal does not mean right.

The capitalist system makes the poor think buying food from Shoprite or Spar is much more civilized than growing their own food through communal farming.

Some households in the villages especially those closer to the urban areas gave up farming; in fact Shoprite is doing the farming for them; that is the new capitalist order and pattern of thought, and for them it’s just a matter of buying from Shoprite.

It’s because of capitalism that the poor are skewed in their thinking. We black people are bewitched; we think development is only one-way. Capitalism gave us a one-way definition of development.

It is because of capitalist development that we are losing our communal farms and homesteads deliberately to accommodate development agendas by the capitalist-controlled state.

The capitalist state is implanting itself in our rural areas to make more money and make us poor by giving us wages and salaries as slaves; instead of growing mahangu to feed our families, keep our cattle and goats to provide meat and milk for ourselves as communal farmers the capitalist agenda dictates that we have to give up all these and buy meat, milk and mahangu from capitalists at a price.

A capitalist has no mercy with the poor. The ruling class can do anything to advance their capitalist agendas including changing the law, criminalize communal activities in urban areas or kill the poor and accuse them of land grabbing in urban areas.

Capitalism has been institutionalized so much so that it becomes the order of the day; when one want to eat he or she has to buy food. Wearing of imported clothing is another price tag.

Capitalism came to define by the dollar every human activity in modern-day life; even going to a toilet in urban areas which are the centers of capitalism will cost you pre-paid water to flush the toilet.

The sacrosanctity of capitalism has the poor wallowing in poverty while capitalists live in prosperity. Today our laws, economics, politics, churches and even police is used to advance capitalist agendas.

* Shivute Kaapanda is an African writer from Eyanda village in Omusati region. He is also a columnist and author of the book called “The Conscious Republic”