Money and relationships

By Elina-Ombili Shishaki |

While money is an instrument that builds many things, including building relationships, money can also be described as the root cause for breaking up relationships.

Lack of money, mismanagement of money or bad money habits have ruined a lot of relationships be it family relationships, romantic, social relationships and even friendships.

This is why young people must start early to learn about issues related to the uses and abuses of money and the effect such uses or abuses have on relationships.

A friend who borrows money from a friend but fails to pay it back, that is the best way of breaking up the friendship. If one partner in a relationship wants to save money but another partner wants to spend it, that is also the beginning of the road to a break-up. Even parents will have a strained relationship with children who are reckless with money.

So that the way money is handled can build or break people’s relationships.

Even in families, when money becomes a source of disagreements everyone will start to part their ways.

Many relationships could have had better endings but they went the way of ruin due to financial constraints.

Poor financial management, bad spending habits, and wrong perception on money related matters are some of the biggest contributors to breaking relationships – even business relationships.

Family bonds are divided and determined by their financial status. At family occasions you are likely to witness a huge division among family members – the high class, middle class and lower class don’t get along because their understanding of money matters differ.

The high class people believe in sharing their money only with their children, while the middle and lower classes believe that money should be shared equally with all children in the family.

So that those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth aren’t even associating themselves with the less fortunate ones.

But only when people discuss honestly about money matters could the infighting end and broken relationships will revive.