Your talent

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

Everyone has one of those blessings which God gave to everyone as talent and wisdoms that we are expected to use in our daily lives.

So what is your talent? Most people go around through life not knowing what their talent is. Remember that God gave a talent to everyone. It’s up to you to use your talent in a productive way no matter how small it seems.

Just knowing your talent is not enough though. Are you proud of your talent? Do you like your talent?

And what are your achievements from your talent?

We have different talents in life, that’s why you can find someone who knows how to sing and others don’t know how to do it, someone who is dramatic and a comedian, or someone who is good at drawing, designing, building, writing, speaking, running, counseling, driving, farming, teaching, preaching, organizing, marketing, budgeting, dancing, cooking, etc.

There is a lot we can do but all done in different ways by different people according to our talents.

Therefore be proud of whatever you can do well but don’t criticize others who can’t do it like you, because there are things you can’t also do well because your talent is different.

Every talent is important. Never leave your talent and go to try someone else’s talent. If you’re not happy with your talent you end up throwing away your talent and try to imitate other people’s talent, and you find yourself struggling to bring it up because it’s not for you. You’re forcing things to happen.

Your talent must choose your career. Take a course of study for your career not because you want to work there as someone you know but to do what you know and like.

So be proud of your talent because it’s nice and it’s for you; stop doubting your ability and believe in your talent because God gave it to you as a blessing.