It has always been said that the institutionalisation of economic inequality in the Namibian society is a result of the passive attitude of those at the wrong receiving end.

And that this situation will not get resolved any way other than by a confrontational approach between the revolutionaries and the reactionaries, (the reactionaries being those who are the beneficiaries of the status quo).

And now the First National Bank (FNB Namibia) and Omutumwa Newspaper are engaged in the tug-o-war to determine how deep this state of affairs may be.

Omutumwa on 15 April wrote a letter to FNB Namibia’s CEO Mr Erwin Tjipuka,

“Re: FNB and Omutumwa – CEO’s position

“Dear Mr Tjipuka

“After several cold exchanges between Omutumwa Newspaper and FNB Namibia, it has still not come clear as to what FNB Namibia CEO’s position is in this matter.

“The CEO had made an effort to arrange for a meeting, which was to have taken place on 9 April, but it is not clear whether the meeting was cancelled on the instructions of Ms Tracy Eagles or it was at the behest of the CEO.

“As for us, we are taking this matter seriously. This is why we find it not enough just to engage with Ms Eagles who is the Senior Marketing Officer while the CEO, who is the head of FNB Namibia, is available.

“Yours sincerely

“Victor Angula

“Editor-in-chief: Omutumwa.”

In response Mr Erwin Tjipuka’s secretary Ms Nasreen Eiseb responded on 28 April 2021 as follows:

“Dear Mr Angula

“Your request for a meeting and FNB media spend has been clearly declined by FNB senior management.

“Should your request be different to this, please do put same in writing for new consideration.



Omutumwa wrote back to FNB saying:

“Dear Mr Tjipuka

“Re: The declining for meeting with CEO and media spend

“Omutumwa Newspaper has received your response, to the letter sent to you a fortnight ago, saying that you have declined to have a meeting with Omutumwa, and that FNB Namibia will not advertise in Omutumwa.

“That stance is very clear and understandable although it is unacceptable and unfortunate.

“Nevertheless, your decision is something that we respect.

“And we will also expect of you to respect our decision as well.

“I am sending you Omutumwa Newspaper’s Profile so that you may acquaint yourself with our role in the Namibian society.

“Yours faithfully

“Victor Angula

“Editor-in-chief: Omutumwa.”