From holes to potholes to whole pots

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

The country was just turning a decade when the first cracks started showing and in the case of our politicians this was seen as “teething” problems.

Then the comical laughter and bear hugging continued to be the formula for the “filling” and patching of the cracks.

Before long, there were several pots on the path of Namibia’s economic PLAN aka NDP 2 – 5; nothing to do with the PLAN (combatants) just that it still reeked with some guerrilla tactics of armbush, hit and run.

This PLAN though was camouflaged as EPZ, Pitico, Vision 2030, Where Others Wavered Films, Mess Housing Project, and of late HaramBEE 0.2 Opera.

Many other PLANs were put in place to compensate for lost years during their international travels and actually arm combat. So the cracks developed into potholes, during the teething stage and still nobody minded and they ignored the potholes.

In fact, the potholes were seen as a sign of good rains; an opportunity to “cultivate and then harvest” the economy through tenders and entitlement.

To balance the matter, the movement of consultancy and expertise from expatriates saw the increase in traffic from international community that saw the greatest loopholes (Endless Opportunities) in neo-colonialism, at least this time around; the politicians volunteered the country to international “thuggers” and “huggers” with reputations of note and expertise on how to exploit natural resources from newly independent and smaller countries.

In the meantime, the citizens were hypnotized with “economic emancipation” and lived under the spell of “decolonising the mind” without “Moving the Centre”. To make matters worse, this ideological “hangovers” were dressed in Pan Africanist talks facilitated by “Shape Shifters” who carried government umbrellas.

I have seen the biggest potholes in Namibia during my latest travels, a symbolism for the economic realities in Namibia. The road between Kongola and Bwabwata National Park reads like the current economic PLAN; it is “filled” with missing parts (meant for later use) and patched parts (to hide the lies told).

All the missing and patched parts will be used as “strategic loopholes” to continue with the looting of the economy within the legislative frameworks put in place by the politicians in consultation with their consultant-friends from outside.

In fact these deliberate economic and social failures in Namibia are part of the greater PLAN; from Equity to BEE to HaramBEE 0.2! From all the “innovative” pothole retreats, they have made sure that the economy is derailed into these potholes.

With the economic strategies put in place (with the help of some of our best PhD holders), these potholes have been transformed into whole pots of gold.

The politicians have in fact created all kinds of POTS of gold at the end of their retirement. Let me rephrase; they are enjoying their pot of gold that is supposed to be found at the end of the rainbow. We have been POT!

Om te pot” is an Afrikaans lingo used for the social sports of fornication and as a matter of fact the whole country is “gepot” big time!

Yet we continue to allow this to happen because there are some incentives some influential people and strategists are enjoying.  They enable the unhindered “potting” of the country through groupies and orgies organised with an already depleted resources.