Jerry Ekandjo is right 

By Sem Gaddafi Kateta|

Cde Jerry Ekandjo is right and a custodian of African heritage and logic!

First and foremost let me quote and unquote: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy.”

Last week and actually, all the years, media are always abuzz with direct attacks on Cde Jerry Maudjuu Ekandjo whenever he expressed his views and well-thought opinions on the issue of homosexuality and other ills in our society.

I share the views and mind of Cde Ekandjo.

Let me do justice to nature by citing that Namibia is a secular society ruled by a constitution which guides us on how we should conduct ourselves on a daily basis, hence when we are formulating our laws as Representatives of the electorates in a representative democracy we should take into account of those who are not so fortunate to be deployed to Parliament.

To be precise, our cultural values and norms ought to reign supreme always as per our traditional ways of doing things.

I must emphasise that politics are about majority and am not too sure if the gays are a majority in our society nor am I informed if homosexuality interests account for majority interests amongst voters.

I must make it categorically clear that, those advocating for homosexuality are not genuine SWAPO, they are anarchists and gatekeepers of immorality, in fact they ought to know and be reminded if they pretend to forget that if their parents were homosexual, they wouldn’t have been born.

Hence, the conspiracy theorists and anarchists attacking Cde Jerry Ekandjo shouldn’t claim to be authorities of morality.

As a law abiding citizen, and proud Namibian, I must register my disappointment on the lawmakers whose salaries I pay who are wasting my tax money on satanistic immoral policies such as homosexual rights and abortion instead of navigating the ship out of the storm, think of unemployment, think of poverty eradication.

In fact I don’t think anyone can be wishing that his or her mother should have aborted her or him.

This new phenomenon in our society cannot overtake what guides us, hence homosexual lawmakers should refrain from that tendency of utilising public platforms and our sacred institutions to nationalise, enhance and advertise their immoral bedroom affairs.

— Sem Gaddafi Kateta is a socio-political commentator, member of Swapo Party and a fearless critic of the ruling elites. He lives in Omuntele, Oshikoto Region.