He knows your tomorrow

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel /

There is always someone invisible with us in life even though sometimes it seems it’s all not true to those who don’t believe in him and so they think they are just on their own.

Due to what is always happening to us every single day of our lives it can be enough to explain  to us already that there is someone in control because there are things we can’t avoid happening or which you can’t make happen by yourself unless with his helping hand.

Who might this be?

Our almighty God.

You woke up today breathing, which is why you’re reading this now; but if he said today he will remove his breathing air from you then you can’t deny him, and if he said you will stay alive till a very old age still you can’t do anything.

That is why your enemies may always wish you to die but still they can see you’re alive, happy and well because he is always there for you.

He is a loving God and never forsakes you even when you ignore him because his love is such an incomparable love to us. That is the reason today we are celebrating and mourning his son (JESUS CHRIST)’s death, who was crucified on the cross and his blood shed for us to be saved for ever.

And remember that this is his only son whom he gave up for bitter persecution and death on the cross.

So don’t worry of what you don’t have because he knows your tomorrow and he will provide it for you at the right time. And don’t boast and forget him or despise him because you seem to have all, but praise him because he is your God who is providing.

Surrender all to God and put your burdens on his shoulders and he can carry them for you for the rest of your life.