By Josefina Gabriel

Friends are like fruits. You always know how to pick a good fruit. Nobody picks a bad fruit, because a bad fruit is simply rotten and not fit for human consumption.

But it is so amazing how we constantly pick bad friends.

Life is designed in such a way that we have to live in different situations and with different people. And at the end of the day we find ourselves happy or sad due to certain things, places and people where or with whom we spent the day.

So that it is important to choose the places where you spend the day and also the people or friends you spend the day with.

While it is not easy always to see if someone is not a good friend the first day you meet the person, within a few days or weeks you can see the true colours of people. The colours, shapes and manners will identify someone.

A real friend may be a female or male; it doesn’t matter. He or she might be younger than you or older, active or passive, poor or rich. What matters is what the person adding to your life. Is the person always there for you?

Does she or he give you the advice you need and suggests the best way to survive or overcome anything you are going through or suffering from? If not then he or she is not a real friend to rely on.

A real friend has to encourage you not to give up on yourself no matter how hard things seem to be. A good friend will always cry with you, suffer with you, always support your ideas, never gives you wrong motives. She will never stay behind your back, and will never wish for you to fail.

Your friend will support you and give you strength whenever you are in need.

But a bad friend is always against your wishes; doesn’t seem happy to see your success or improvements. He or she will always go around spreading stories about what you are going through while to you she is pretending that she is on your side.

This person is like a snake you always keep in your sleeping room, because she is always there just to watch your steps. This kind of friend will always support you in giving you wrong ideas and push you to go the wrong path, and he or she will wish for you to fail in your plans.

But then the fault is with you because you picked a bad friend. Be careful with whom you are staying or living with. Whenever you see someone’s true colours and you realise that they are not good then it is time to end the friendship.

Don’t just trust anyone. BE CAREFUL OF SNAKES.