What graduates need to know

By Elina-Ombili Shishaki

There are hundreds of graduates sitting home with their qualifications, patiently waiting to secure a job in government office, while thousands others are roaming streets.

But there are those who are right now knocking around from door to door, and some are traveling long distances for interviews in hope of securing a decent job, but their applications are turned down.

The bitter truth is that in the Namibian society jobs are hard to come by.

I have thus come to the conclusion that as a graduate you need to start building the foundation of your life no matter what. No matter your inability to secure a job, your life must start. Start using your skills to earn an income, and don’t limit yourself or keep yourself from achieving what you want.

It doesn’t matter which institutions you attended, which qualification you have, or how well you are connected, it is about your passion. If you are passionate of something start working on it, it may be the first step to your future.

It is never too late to start a better life; don’t wait for better days. There are no better days ahead. With the Covid-19 pandemic and other economic uncertainties you can’t possibly wait for better days.

Do something that will bring about changes in your life. For instance you can start a business, do odd jobs and use your talent to bring bread on the table. You might even volunteer your talent, time and knowledge. That way even one day when opportunity knocks at your door you won’t have to start afresh but you will have earned tons of experience.

Your degree, diploma or whatever qualification you attained is just a verification paper; real education is seen in how you execute your skills and what you can deliver when given tasks to perform.

So fellow graduates stop stressing out about unemployment, and start working on your future today for a better tomorrow.

Opportunities await you every day, so grab one today!