Never too late to start

By Alma Namene Amunyela //

It’s never too late for a lady to start chasing after her dreams. If it’s your dream, then it is never too late to go for it.

You might have a baby or two, but still it’s possible to go after your dream. You might be out of school, with nothing but a failed Grade 10, but still it’s possible to follow your dream. You might be 30 or even 40 by now already, but still it’s not late for you to start whatever will make your dream come true.

Some women started their businesses when they were 50 years old or even after 60 when they retired from their jobs; but then they still had enough time of their lives to achieve their dreams.

Wherever you are and at whatever age you are, just start now to follow your dream and never give up until you achieve success.

I can say this confidently to my fellow ladies because, I think, we ladies are so much quick to give up on our dreams. We are quick to settle to a life of no achievement.

Of course it’s not easy to start late in life. A lot more people will laugh at you and a lot more will be asked of you. But if you know within your heart that this is where your happiness and success are, then you must start it.

Don’t look around; just start. Take another course, learn another language, learn a new skill, start that business.

Just do it.