Follow what your heart says

By Elina-Ombili Shishaki

As a youngster, life can put you through many tests. Peer pressure, pressure to get on your two feet, or even the pressure by a confused world of anything related to Covid-19; today’s life if stressful for a teenager or a young adult.

But you have to always keep your head up high and overcome everything.

You overcome everything by following what your heart says. External pressures may try to blow you into any direction, but the internal pressure within your heart must determine your destination.

If you fail to get what you want don’t blame yourself or everyone for what is happening in your life. Failure is part of the journey of any young person. When you get stuck on the deadly dark edge, just get yourself out and find the right way to get to the light.

If you pay heed to what your heart is telling you, this will help you find solutions and answers for all you wanted.

Fight for your rights and never let anyone take your place. Discover your true self before anyone else paint you with the wrong brush then later make a mockery of your situation.

For instance some youngsters who are drug and alcohol addicts really want to quit but can’t find a way out. They only see the negative side of life and get wrong perceptions about their future.

In life there are three lessons that we need to learn: failure, courage and success.

Life may take you to places that you couldn’t ever imagine and put you in situations that you think are impossible to overcome. But one should always try to find ways on how to come out of such situations. Don’t give up so easily, because this is a failure that will not ruin your life.

All you need is courage and inner strength motivated by the desires of your heart to achieve success. Gather all your courage and use it as a concrete tool to fight your way towards your destiny.

– Elina-Ombili is a young writer from Okankolo village in Oshikoto region.