Start getting a job baby

By Alma Namene Amunyela /

In life everyone wants to work, but you only want to work at a seated job, the job that you claim is your dream job. Fine.

Everyone must wish for her dream job; but you must always have a second option though, so that while your dream job is working out you do have something to do in the meantime.

Go out there and grab any job that you can get except for prostitution. Okay, so just go out and start getting yourself a job.

Why? Because here you’re, unemployed and a member of the community, and at the moment you don’t have a choice; stand up go and clean somebody’s house and they pay you whether a 150, or 200 dollars; it doesn’t matter, the person has paid you something and you have money in your pocket.

When you have that money it will not be written that that 200 dollars was paid from the cleaning job.

I don’t understand some girls who say ‘this job or that job is not my class.’ Please stop playing, what class do you have that you’re talking about my sister, go out and do something, stop asking for money around.

With that kind of attitude there is no way that you’re going to make it in life.

Of course now at the moment we do have this pandemic Covid-19 so that you might not be allowed to do some of the things like to sell on the street and all that, but you can go to the shops, go to the supermarket, ask for a job, you can work at the till if you managed to reach grade 10 or 12. You can pack things in the shelves.

My dear it doesn’t matter what qualifications you have you can do anything as long as you can earn money. My ladies can we stop that attitude of ‘no me I can’t do this I can only do this’, but at the end of the day you’re asking around for money to buy basic necessities.

When are you going to be able to buy a simple shield roll-on for your armpits my sister? Just because you told yourself ‘aish, I can’t do that work’; and then what you do you sleep around, yes you’re just sleeping around and having sex with whoever comes your way and some people they are not even giving you anything afterwards, the person is just not even opening a door for you, he is just telling you we will meet later.

Set standards my beautiful ladies. So you can be respected by the other gender.

Those people that are seeing slay queens up there, jah the people who are slaying, but most of slay queens have their own jobs. There is a doctor, but is a slay queen; those people have careers of themselves.

Even if you’re someone’s baby and the man is buying you something or if you’re expecting something from him, you will feel different because you can be able to afford it from your own pocket any way. Now you don’t have even a simple job and you’re expecting things from men, ah come on, don’t do that no seriously. Fellow ladies we need to stand up and do something.

If you do something, you stand up and do something for yourself, even the person is going to find you are wearing nice clothes, you have your expensive jewelries, this man is going to tell himself that this babe I’m not going to take her to the Four Sister Mini-Shop (kOnamukulo) or any cheap restaurant or bar, no, I need to take this queen to a four star hotel, because the way she dresses, the way she looks and even the outfit of the day is worth 8000.

Even the car you drive you bought it yourself, someone cannot just buy you a car while you were not driving any car before.

You can’t just say my dear don’t play with me hahaha, play with you what even yourself you are playing with yourself?

It is by getting a job that you become a real baby and true queen my dear.