Alcohol and tobacco are great spices to Covid-19

By Victor Angula |

So much has been said about what are the best ways or methods to fight Covid-19. Some have suggested constant steaming and the inhaling of hot air as a solution to Covid-19.

Others have suggested the eating of lemon, garlic or drinking a cocktail of onion soup. While others suggested the smoking of elephant dung – or even weed.

Still others suggested the constant drinking of hot water or some hot solution that kills the virus since it lives best in cold temperatures.

And yet the “authorities” have suggested the use of animal medicine such as ivermectin, while the “powerful authorities” suggested just the wearing of masks, sanitisation and vaccinations.

All of the above methods do help in the fight against Covid-19.

But the one thing they don’t want to tell you is that Covid-19 kills and kills faster if it came in a person whose body is acidic as a result of alcohol consumption, and also when it come in the body of a smoker.

Alcohol consumption is therefore the number one cause of Covid-19 related deaths.

This is because alcohol is an acid. And when there is too much non-natural acid in a person’s body this situation weakens the person’s immune system because the person’s body soldiers (natural immunity) are always tired of fighting with the enemy (the acid), so that an intruder like Covid-19 will find the body’s soldiers already tired, weak and unable to fight back.

Covid-19 goes on to wreak havoc by destroying the person’s natural defences, until the person gets sick and dies (of respiratory complications since Covid-19 is a kind of flu).

Doctors know this and the authorities who are fighting Covid-19 know that alcohol consumption is the main cause of a lot of the Covid-19 hospitalisations and deaths. But they don’t want to say it because the alcohol industry is a big money-making industry which contributes a lot to the economy (and pays high taxes to the government), so that only a foolish politician will want to destroy it.

This is why they just say alcohol sale is to be restricted and night curfews to be imposed, but without saying why.

And then Covid-19, like any type of flu, is a sickness that causes mostly a respiratory problem in a person. This is because a human being’s lungs are the place inside the body where all infections, bacteria, poisons and enemies that travel through the air come to collect.

A strong immune system is able to fight them off easily and clear the lungs all the time. But then smoking tobacco makes the body’s soldiers tired of fighting (against nicotine) and then a lot of infections and black dust of the tobacco collect inside the lungs and damage the lungs.

Now if the flu-virus known as Covid-19 has gotten in the person whose lungs have been destroyed by smoking, the first thing it does is to block all the spaces which are still available for breathing.

Steaming helps in the fight against Covid-19 because it helps clean a person’s lungs. But if the lungs have already been damaged so much by smoking it may be too little too late. Even medical oxygen may be too little too late.

While eating lemons, garlic, onions and other alkaline food makes the body to balance off the acid in the body and help rejuvenate the body’s natural immunity, steaming and drinking hot water clears a person’s lungs to enable the body to fight off successfully all infections including Covid-19.

Therefore you may just find out that societies with high levels of alcoholism or tobacco consumption or both will be the hardest hit by Covid-19 in a short while to come.*

*(It does not mean that non-drinkers and non-smokers cannot become sick of Covid-19, it only means that drinkers and smokers, likewise people with high or low blood pressure and other incurable illnesses, are at a higher risk of dying of Covid-19).