Workers of the world unite!

By Victor Angula /

More than 150 years ago a German gentleman by the name of Karl Marx wrote a famous document in which he called on the workers of the world to unite.

According to him this was the only way they could break free of their chains.

Today, I, a simple guy in Namibia, am here echoing the same words of Marx, calling on workers to unite.

Today is Workers Day, a day dedicated to the workers across the world in consideration of the great service they are and have always been providing to the world of humanity. Without workers this world would not have been fit for human habitation.

Without workers this world would be a hell of a place to live.

But as it was during the world of Karl Marx so it is in the world of today. Workers are still being exploited. Slave wages are still common.

Here in Namibia most workers are paid peanuts in comparison to what managers are paid. If you look at the huge profits most big companies make, you will be shocked if you get around to look at the payslips of their workers who are on the ground doing the job.

The Workers Day of this year will however go down in the history of Namibia as the workers day of great significance because the workers of Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) are on strike. They have now made a week having downed their tools of broadcasting news, information and entertainment.

They are asking for a pay increase of 8%.

But the government (which is the owner of NBC) is in a bad situation financially, so that giving a pay increase to these workers is something which they will want to avoid at any cost because the government has admitted that they are running short in cash.

This is why they liquidated Air Namibia. Government coffers are simply running low. Only a fool will not admit it.

But workers are within their rights anyway to demand better wages because NBC’s top managers have recently received millions of dollars in payments on top of their salaries.

The workers must remain united and fight for themselves and their children’s interest.

And all workers around the country and around the world must unite in the fight for their interests. This is the only way worker exploitation can be stopped.