And they say that young people are lazy

By Victor Angula |

There is now an old and tired song which is proving to be useless, hollow, irrelevant and childish. It’s the “young people are lazy” song which used to be the unofficial national anthem of Namibia.

Public officials and leaders of institutions used to sing this song with enthusiasm, as if they learned it during their time at kindergarten. Some are still singing the song, those who are unaware that the song is tired and irrelevant in today’s environment.

The chorus of the song is that “young people must not be job seekers, they must be job creators”.

Yet when young people create jobs you don’t want to do business with them. When young people take initiative to be self-employed and employ others, you don’t want to support them. Yet you go around talking at your cushy platforms meant to make fun of the distress of young people by saying young people are lazy.

I don’t like so much to talk without giving an example. Here the example I can give is the example of FNB Namibia. FNB and her bosses, namely Mr Erwin Tjipuka the CEO and Ms Tracy Eagles the chief marketing manager have vowed never to do business with Omutumwa.

Rather they will do business with Google and Facebook. For them it makes good business sense sending our money to the USA instead of investing it in the Namibian youth and the Namibian future.

Especially these types of people have such an attitude because, themselves who are employed by institutions, don’t feel so well about young and black Namibians becoming job creators. They don’t even want to see young and black Namibians moving out of the shacks.

But now the noose is tightening. The time for singing their favourite song of young people are lazy is slowly getting tired and as unpopular as they may today sing “Kumbaya my looh, kumbaya!”