By Victor Angula |

Idiots wherever they are, always engage in foolishness.

It is more than two years now since Namibian football came to a halt. Playing soccer in Namibia came to an end in 2018.

And until today the squabbles, wrangling and foolishness in soccer offices continue while young football players are suffering outside.

Owners of football clubs and other soccer bosses continue to fight each other in courts and outside of the court.

Recently it was reported that the Minister of Sports Ms Agnes Tjongarero told FIFA that, contrary to the rules of FIFA which say that governments must not be involved in the football politics of their country, she was going to get herself involved anyway.

This points to the frustration and helplessness the minister is experiencing. The minister wants us to go back to the days when football politics was fought on the dusty streets of our townships, and not in the courts or in air-conditioned offices.

Tjongarero wants to do anything possible so that children can start playing soccer again.

If you consider the fact that football is a money-spinning industry all over the world, it will show you that Namibia is losing a lot during these self-inflicted football injuries off the pitch.

The livelihoods of the youngsters who used to make a living through playing soccer have been destroyed. Their opportunities to play overseas are being dashed. And all this thanks to the selfishness of our country’s soccer bosses.

But enough must become enough. Idiotocracy is unsustainable. The silliness at the NFA Soccer House must come to an end. Or else the people will have to go and occupy this house.

Fortunately they built the Soccer House in Katutura, right in the black township, where young men are suffering as a result of the double tragedy of Covid-19 and the ongoing suspension of soccer activities due to the fighting for positions in the soccer house.

It’s so easy for the youth to go and occupy the Soccer House and chase out all the idiots who are destroying, and thieves who are stealing, the future of Namibia’s football stars.

Mark my word.