Create your own HAPPINESS

By Elina-Ombili Shishaki |

Sadness is common among young people who have woken up to the reality of unemployment and whose hopes are constantly dashed by a merciless world.

Even some of those who do manage to find a job, they do come to the reality that work is not what they used to dream about when they were at school but actually it’s a hard, boring and thankless activity towards a payslip at the end of the month.

But happiness is one thing that may carry a person through the daily challenges of life anyway. So that despite everything, you just have to create your own happiness.

Happiness is like a secret ingredient in the cook/chef’s food; it’s the best medicine that cures all pain and suffering one is facing in life.

Whether you had a long day at work or finding it difficult to deal with daily anxieties of unemployment or having tough times at home, you don’t have to walk around with a long face. Instead always wear a smile on your face to signify your victory and ability to overcome your daily problems.

Through happiness you find peace of mind, and you’re more likely to become creative and realise your dreams. Do not wait for others to make you happy; rather always create your own happiness.

At some point people are frustrated, they live in depression and stress, they ain’t happy with everything, neither are they happy with themselves nor with other people.

But happiness should start within you then serve it to other people. Mollify your mind, heart and soul with the best happiness ever.

Happiness cannot be gifted; you will have to earn it. It’s a free ingredient for your healthier life, so you better find one today.

It will be better to create a permanent happiness within you so that not even temporary difficulties like unemployment or tough times or lack of money will ever be able to steal it away.