The NCCI-led business coalition has today handed over 100 beds to the Minister of Health just over two weeks after they delivered the much-needed 21 tons of medical oxygen.

NCCI president Bisey Uirab said that it was at the official handover of the first oxygen tank that the sight of broken beds piled outside the Katutura State hospital caught their eyes.

“Members of the private sector in this coalition then took it upon themselves to assess the extent of the damages of these beds and it occurred to them that these beds were repairable,” Uirab said.

“I single out here, Hangala Construction, B2Gold and Procon who engaged the Ministry to assess the situation with broken beds and all the three parties collaborated and undertook to repair all broken beds in our public hospitals throughout the country.

“Through this collaboration, Hangala Construction with Procon availed their workshops and facilities, and B2Gold and Pupkewitz availed their artisans to assist with the repairs. This morning, we are here once again to deliver on one of our commitments.

“I would like to deeply thank Hangala Construction, B2Gold, Procon and the Pupkewitz Group for managing quickly and efficiently this part of our commitment. They have ensured that the Ministry gets the much-needed beds equipment relieving them of the pressure to procure new beds, and that hopefully resources can now be directed to other emergency needs in our hospitals.

“Today, we are here to witness the handing over of 100 hospital beds that have been repaired to the Ministry of Health and Social Services.”

Uirab said that this kind of support and gesture shows the national vision of the Namibian businesses community who are willing to live up to their social responsibilities.

“It demonstrates true partnership between the private sector and our Government in times of hardships. It displays the spirit of cooperation which underpins our joint response to the epidemic. It is our hope that the Ministry will equally ensure proper care of these equipment.”

Uirab stated that even at the height of the challenge from Covid-19, the NCCI and its partners in the private sector stand firm with the Namibian people and Government, and remain committed to provide assistance to the best of their capability.

“Solidarity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon for defeating the virus,” he said.

In the photo: NCCI president Bisey Uirab officially handing over 100 repaired beds and donated mattresses by NCCI-led private sector coalition to the Ministry of Health and Social Services at the Katutura State Hospital today.