Victor Angula |

The on-going wave of Covid-19 has taken down one of the few top names in the theatre sector of Namibia.

David Ndjavera, a pioneer of the theatre of Independent Namibia, has succumbed to the illness a few days after his wife had passed on by the same Covid-19.

Ndjavera was a well-known figure in the late 90s and early 2000s when theatre in Namibia was booming. Performing in plays at Namibia’s premier NTN stage as well as in community plays staged in Katutura, Ndjavera stood out as a talented actor and film director who was passionate about his calling.

While others scrambled for formal jobs in the Government or in NGO’s, Ndjavera stuck to his theatre and film work although it was not earning him much financially.

PDM’s president McHenry Venaani took no time in expressing his shock at the passing of one of Namibia’s illustrious actors.

“The Honourable Venaani is deeply saddened as he remembers Mr. Ndjavera’s versatility and passion for the arts. Through his roles and the different characters that he portrayed and brought to life, Mr. Ndjavera paved the way for future generations of Namibian actors and actresses. He made us laugh and he made us cry,” PDM said in a statement of condolences.

Venaani said that Ndjavera touched “every element of the Namibian spirit and we all felt a collective national pride whenever we would watch one of his plays or films.”

Ndjavera was not only an actor but also a playwright and director.

In the photo: David Ndjavera acting as a prison warder in a local film.