Some things are just foolish talk

By Victor Angula |

Yesterday the Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service Madam Agnes Tjongarero launched a document known as the third National Youth Policy.

Several other speakers, such as the National Youth Council Director Ms Sharonice Busch and the Presidential Advisor on Youth Matters Ms Daisry Mathias also pitched in with their expression of admiration for the so-called momentous occasion of finally putting the document on the table after some time of ‘consultations and considerations’.

Mind you this is a document considered to be the “third” national youth policy; which means that there was the “first” and the “second”, documents which did absolutely little if anything at all in terms of youth empowerment, employment creation and whatever is it that the document was meant to serve in benefit of the youth of Namibia.

But what irritated me was when, among other things, Minister Tjongarero said that young people must be job creators instead of being job seekers.

This song of saying young people must be job creators is an old song that has been sung by our politicians since 1990. Yet our politicians never seem to realise that it has become a tired song, a cliché, just something that exposes the person who keeps on repeating such to come across as a person without a brain.

A person who will today say that young people must be job creators is just a person engaging in foolish and senseless talk actually.

Some of us have tried for too long to be job creators, yet without any institution supporting our efforts. People who are comfortable earning a government salary or a salary from any institution are the people who keep on engaging in such foolish talk.

It is an insult to the youth of Namibia not only to keep on producing documents such as the National Youth Policy one, two, three, etc., but it is also foolish for anyone to keep on preaching the message of ‘young people must be job creators’.

Madam Tjongarero is an elder, and elders must learn when something makes sense and when it no longer makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is nothing else but nonsense.