Foolish leadership leads to unemployment

By Victor Angula |

The most important task of a leader is to make your people engaged in productive activities. It doesn’t matter the level of your education or the type of ideology you believe in, if your people are unemployed then you are a failure in leadership.

Namibia is one of the countries with a high unemployment rate. And this is not because the country has no resources. No. It is because the country lacks leadership. In fact the country is full of foolish leadership.

Foolish leadership is that leadership which doesn’t lead the people anywhere. In fact foolish leadership leads to poverty, unemployment and suffering.

Good leadership leads out of poverty, because the first responsibility of leadership is to make people busy doing something to earn a living. But in a country of foolish leadership unemployment is high because leaders are only concerned about what they are earning.

It applies to both political leadership and economic leadership. In companies with good leadership the workers are constantly busy at work, but in a company of poor leadership the workers have nothing to do, no projects, nothing taking place. People just come to work to sit on their fingers or stand around doing nothing while waiting for the end of month.

This is why such companies fail.

Likewise in a country, town or community where there is no good leadership. People lie around doing nothing. Everyone blames external factors, instead of blaming their weak leadership.

Unemployment is not a natural phenomenon, but something that is created by leadership. Bad leadership leads to more poverty and suffering.

It is the same with a man who is the head of a house; if people of that house have nothing to do, all they do is sleep during the day and during the night, go around passing the time at the bars and gossiping in the community, then you know that the problem has to do with the man of the house.

A good man will wake up everyday with plans and programmes and activities for his people to do and be productive. He will take the people in the field, or arrange some business activities for the youth, or make some plans for people to be engaged in projects such as sewing, brickmaking, or baking.

Foolish leaders will see young people doing things to create employment but they will not support those youths.

This is why we have high unemployment. It’s because we have foolish leaders.