There is a reason for that delay

Josefina Gabriel |

Most times in life things tend to go in ways that may be wrong or which we don’t want or don’t expect. The things we want now are just the things we can’t get now.

And so we wonder why. Sometimes we get stressed up trying to know why.

And really we can just try to see the reason behind why that thing did not happen or why our plan didn’t work out, and we might see it as a punishment or bad luck, or whatever.

But then tomorrow is when you will find out and understand that all was just done because of this and that, so getting all upset about it was not necessary if I would have known this earlier.

You sometimes cry for something that you want and you feel like that is your most important thing in life and you don’t understand why you can’t have it now, so you’re stressed and overwhelmed and sometimes you lose interest in living again.

But after some months, or years later, you will feel that the thing you wanted was not that important and necessary for you to suffer for it.

There was a reason for the long wait and the delay.

God’s delaying is not God’s denying. Things you want now may not be given to you now no matter how much you cry or how much you pray. It’s done for the purpose of your own future blessings or future protection because God’s way is the best way to handle his lovely children.

If you’re a parent, your child will want to have a bicycle or to drive a car, and they will cry for it because they want it now. But if you’re a good parent you will know that your child is not old enough to ride a bicycle in the street or to drive a car, therefore you will deny him.

Likewise, when God is denying us something it’s because God is a good parent who knows that we are not ready for it. Something can destroy us, or spoil us or stop us from achieving our true potential.

What I want to say here is that we must learn to accept bad and good times every time because there are situations you can’t avoid and sometimes such situations come with pain in order to prepare us for the better life coming.

Everything good comes like a challenge in your life because it’s the challenge which makes another way to your success if you’re strong and patient enough to wait out for God’s plan to materialise.