It is OK

By Josefina Gabriel|

Is it so hard to live?

Today we have bleeding hearts, sorrowful souls, and bones in very much pain as a result of certain things that are troubling us day and night.

Everything and anything gets us tired, and sometimes we feel like we want to go up there thinking and hoping that that’s where we can hide and get rest.

Nothing can easily come in life. Most of the time many people suffered, and went through bitterness that can be seen by everyone and those that can only be seen by those around them.

So it seems so hard to live.

Sometimes the suffering is cause by a person’s own deeds. But most of the times the suffering and struggle is a result of life’s situations of poverty, of no love, no companions, no one who cares for another.

There are also enemies around you that can easily destroy your life, life which can be physical or spiritual, and all is part of life for us to undergo bad and hard situations sometimes.

You just need to accept. It’s OK.

Ending your life or someone’s life is not a solution.

Many souls are going and it has become a habit today but living in difficulties is not a new thing. Our old people passed through it too. Your mother, father, uncle, aunty, siblings, friends and neighbor are going through different trials too only that there are no indications to show, but might be yours is smaller than theirs.

Losing of wealthy, losing dignity, losing of well being, losing of direction, losing of someone is not the end of the world. Yes it’s so painful. You don’t want even to hear words of counseling because you believe it’s not worthy it anymore due to the pain you have now.

Pain and anger can make you do wrong decisions. Please give it time, you will one day heal.

The God who carried you all the time through different obstacles can still rescue you from this drowning; he said keep quiet and he will speak for you, submit your burdens on his shoulders and he will help you carry them, but he didn’t say you will never pass through problems, because the world is cruel and the devil wants to steal your soul.

Don’t let him win.

Cry, shout, sleep, feel overwhelmed, be a coward for now, or whatever, but don’t ever decide to end yourself or anyone else for that matter.

Pray and ask for strength with those hot tears by saying no to suicide because there is a lot of good things for you tomorrow. Psalm: 55

– Ms Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.