Pray for them but don’t hate them

By Josefina Gabriel/

This life of nowadays is full of negativities and evilness, and so people seem to not care about everything anymore. Since people might not treat you the way you deserve so you stop minding them.

But stopping minding is not enough though. Negativities and evilness which come from spiritually troubled souls need prayers.

It’s not needed at all to take things personally and physically but rather to take everything spiritually. A person can get personal with you. But for you it must not be a personal matter, otherwise hatred can easily develop inside you and when anger comes inside of you all evilness can be able to work in you and control you without knowing.

What is the best way to do it then?

Submit the person into prayers, wish him to change and find peace. Most people who treat other people badly are people who are full of frustration and sometimes have depression, therefore before you catch feelings think about the fact that the person might have issues and may need your helping hand.

Remember they are not your enemies and they don’t hate you but the spirit in them is controlling them, and is using them to support wrong doings.

We do not have perfect people in the world, yes there might be mistakes. You make mistakes by doing, through speaking, in thinking and by acting. And that’s understandable, but there is a difference between doing mistakes and being used by the devil.

Therefore you need to understand some of the things which are spiritual before you conclude on the issues. The devil is there watching on those who are weak to use them in different evil deeds and will destroy your peace and again use you as a weapon and his tool for destroying, stealing and killing. Therefore be careful not to be his object.

God’s grace is the best. Base yourself on his gentle hands, seek his face and ask him to change your heart to the better soul.

– Ms Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.