Game of life

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

Life can easily give you more reasons to call it a game.

We have so many things in life which can prove us wrong in many ways, and sometimes things can happen without our will, or easily happening one way or the other whether we are playing so harder or not.

That’s why you have time to expect anything and everything; today good things can happen and tomorrow something else comes up that makes you sad.

There are rough mountains, slippery ways, valley of thorns, paths of sweet aroma, ice cream and honey ponds and everything sweet or sour depending on the seasons, weather and the day’s mood.

But everything is meant for you to attend to it at the right time, for good or for worse. Sometimes when it gets hotter under your collar you may feel like giving up.

But please don’t you dare push the exit button; rather try to live through the ups and downs of your life until the end. Maybe one day you will win the game of life if you don’t surrender and lose hope in life because we don’t know how far our journey is.

Therefore do not blame someone else for being a loser, because you might not know his or her background.

Don’t laugh at people for their weakness, but instead decide to offer a helping hand because it might be you who might need a helping hand tomorrow.

Don’t look down on those who are down, because you never know when God’s favour will be upon them.

Respecting everyone is necessary no matter the person’s position in life because God made all perfect for all seasons.

If there are no cleaners who will clean our places? If there are no security guards who will protect our properties? If there are no taxi drivers who will transport us? If there are no maids who will take care of the house while you are at work?

If you look at it carefully you can see that all people are needed with their humble duties so that all work can be done accordingly in service of God’s people.

Stop looking down on those who are in the low class, because you cannot guarantee your own high class neither can you guarantee it for your children and grandchildren.

Stop fighting for things you can’t have, but praise the Lord for what you do have. Stop boasting of what you have, but take life as a game of winning and losing according to the Lord’s favours and blessings upon us.

Hate no one and feel no jealousy of those who have good things, good days, or a smart life than you because they deserve it; if you play your own game of life then your own good things, good days and God’s blessings will come when you least expected it.

No matter the season in your life, God is in control.