The book of all wisdom

By Josefina Gabriel|

If you happen to acquire some form of modern education, to you all things may seem to be right and you might think you understand all about life.

Yet despite all the knowledge you have and all the books you have read, you can’t get what is right until you meet this book and read it. This is when you will understand all about you and me, what is that we need to do and what is forbidden in life.

It’s through this one book that you get what is needed from spiritual and physical works. It’s by this book, the book of life, the book of all wisdom, the book of good ways, the book of truth: that’s our Holy Bible, and that’s what I want to talk about.

This is the unique book that contains all information a human being needs, and this person supposed to be like what God wants him or her to be. All direction is from his book, it’s the map that can direct you.

But then by not reading it you neglect his message and his rules. We decide to do what pleases our desires on earth but yet there is a day coming when he is going to forsake those who are denying him today.

The holy book that contains the past, present and future, the book that doesn’t please anybody, the book of justice and it doesn’t have corruption. You can read this book with no doubt and make it your reference.

Today we have people finding themselves in troubles and waste money in wrong ways being convinced by others using God’s name, but all is lies because you don’t know the Bible or you don’t want to read it by yourself, and so you end up in wrong deeds that someone else directed you into.

Find real wisdom and have true understanding from the book of life, a book that has no lies and no wrong directions.

— Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.