Your support is needed

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel \

All of us have different people in different categories, namely: families, friends, relatives, neighbors and our mates from different departments who are in our lives to form it up so that without them we simply don’t have a life.

If your life is like a house, these people are the pillars of the house. Although some pillars are stronger than others, all of them are serving the purpose of supporting the house in one way or the other.

How to support one another in life?

This support might come in different ways, and might be in a good way or bad form and sometimes you just have to pass through pain, hurt and failure to overcome or get what you want.

A supporter sometimes has to treat you in the above mentioned ways to help you because in most cases good thing always come through challenges, pressure, sorrow and pain.

There are different factors you can support someone on.

Which are: financially, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You have to help someone in these parts in life.

Helping through teaching can improve the factors mentioned; you might have the talent to teach people in everything and help them by giving them some ideas how to make business, or teaching children how to respect others and how to learn new things.

Giving is a blessing too because life is a circle, what you give comes back to you. If you support others in their financial needs you will be blessed with more and if you support others with your ideas God can give you more wisdom and knowledge.

Some people are in your life not to support financially or give you advice but just to protect your secrets. It’s important to protect people by keeping their secrets and be their pillar of strength.

Praying for others and showing caring and love is a way of giving emotional and spiritual support; so learn to pray for everyone. Wish them good luck, healing, recovery and more victory.

Therefore use your talent God gave you, the talent to support and protect other people and be their pillar of strength. They will need it more than you think.