By Victor Angula|

The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) will not lie down and allow “divisive factions within the business community” to go unchallenged.

As a result the umbrella of Namibian businesses will use the media to “address some of the false and misplaced allegations and destructive agendas advanced by some individuals and factions with seemingly hidden agendas”.

This message was contained in a media release signed by NCCI chief executive officer Ms Charity Mwiya, barely a week after the Namibia Local Businesses Association (NALOBA) held its media briefing at Ongwediva to announce that more than 2000 of its members have officially resigned from the NCCI to pull their full business weight behind the newly-established NALOBA.

NALOBA, being led by northern businessman Erastus Chicco Shapumba, has accused NCCI of having sold out the local economy to foreign interests.

Although NALOBA has its head office at Ongwediva, Mwiya pointed out that NCCI’s Ongwediva Branch has been producing outstanding results and is a beacon of hope in terms of institutional governance and accountability.

“The unresponsive branches will be nurtured until they are again strong and active in the delivery of wealth and job creation service at a local economy level,” she stated. “This is being done by re-engagement through programming, visits, intensified communication, and policy discussions.”

Without mentioning names, Ms Mwiya, in the statement, said that NCCI has been doing a lot for the business community of Namibia despite claims to the contrary by those who want to divide the business community with “seemingly hidden agendas”.

“For over 30 years now, NCCI has been committed to advocating for a fair, conducive, and competitive business environment across Namibia. We have built strong relationships and strategic partnerships with corporations, associations, NGOs, local, regional, and national governments.

“This is why the Chamber has a diverse membership representing businesses from every sector and every corner of the country,” said Mwiya.

According to Mwiya, NCCI can facilitate effective and open dialogues between all these stakeholders because of a history of collaboration, trust, and understanding.

“So, it’s unfortunate that a small group of misguided individuals with self-serving agendas are hell-bent on tarnishing this solid reputation.

“It is equally concerning that at such a crucial time when working together is so important, that we now must defend ourselves against others who would rather see the nation’s business community divided.

“It is proper that NCCI addresses some of the false and misplaced allegations and destructive agendas.”

In the photo: NCCI chief executive officer Ms Charity Mwiya and NALOBA president Erastus Shapumba.