By Victor Angula /

The death of Tomas Koneka Iindji has perhaps robbed the northern community of someone who did much more than most of the political office-bearers.

But perhaps if Iindji were a politician the messages of sorrow would have been splashed all over social media and in some daily newspapers.

There was a time when the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) had a functional “northern branch”, although some people said the constitution of NCCI did not make provision for such a northern branch, but that each town is supposed to have its own branch.

And Iindji, as the chairperson of this northern branch, was instrumental in making it a significant instrument in the work of creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

Iindji was a banker, but he was seen all over the place doing the work of NCCI. In fact he was known more for his NCCI activities than for his job. He was quick to provide information that could be of any use to business people, giving it on social media or to someone popping in to his office at the bank or at NCCI, or himself coming down to the business which needs him.

Some colleagues in the NCCI in the north, and those at the coast and in Windhoek thought that Iindji was becoming too powerful. He mingled with business people and mingled with politicians of the north, not to mention of his mingling with fellow bankers.

He seemed to be becoming the face of NCCI.

So that some heads came together to make sure that the so-called northern branch is dissolved: each town must have its own NCCI branch, and each branch must report directly to Windhoek, and not to Iindji in Ongwediva.

Iindji worked for FNB at Oshakati.

Perhaps someone then devised a plan to have Iindji transferred to Windhoek by his employer. Or perhaps he asked for the transfer himself to get away from what was becoming a toxic situation as a result of those who wanted to get rid of the northern branch. Or perhaps his moving to Windhoek was just by chance.

Surely what followed his departure was that the northern branch died. What used to be seen as the northern branch became just the Ongwediva Branch of NCCI, with new leadership – the leadership which was made out of business people.

As of now the NCCI Ongwediva branch is not being seen to have a leader, at least someone who could be seen to have stepped into the shoes of Iindji.

Perhaps the departure of Iindji was also another factor that motivated the creation of NALOBA, also having their office at Ongwediva.

Iindji was gone to Windhoek. But Iindji was constantly seen back in the north officiating at business events, his last of which was the Ondangwa Industrial Expo gala dinner a few weeks before his passing.

So now he is gone forever, never to return again.