Dangerous world we are now in

By Josefina Gabriel |

We are living in a world of danger, a world of no peace, no happiness and no love. People become so hopeless and always have to say “I don’t care”.

Our hearts are tired, so weary. Families are enemies to each other, neighbours, colleagues, schoolmates, church members and spouses are everyday fighting as a result of jealousy for each other; lies are everywhere.

No one to be blamed though. That is what the Scriptures said that we are living in the last days. But remember there is always a solution and everything comes to pass.

But shall we continue living in fear, worried and do nothing about it?

No! As an individual you have to avoid the storms of today’s world by going through situations and going around obstacles in a way that makes you live in peace and not in pieces.


– Avoid fights.

– Don’t answer back to arguments, but take your leave.

– Avoid being at places where most strangers and hopeless people are.

– Don’t take a short cut way, thinking it will save time; walk on safe and open ways.

– Consuming of alcohol and drugs is not a solution to anything but just a cause.

– Be humble and stay away from unnecessary debates.

– Share respect and love, even with some people whose hearts are full of bitterness.

– A young person you must go back to your first stage and remember to listen and obey your elders.

– Confess your sins and forgive others.

Let’s then avoid all the above mentioned points to be away from all bad things that are happening today and let’s save lives.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.