Where is your happiness into?

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel /

Happiness is something that we need to have in our lives every time even when it seems there is nothing to be happy for.

Yet in this world happiness seems to be a costly commodity; in fact when it comes to this world it seems so expensive to put a smile on your face when some of the things are not there.

This is because most people put their happiness into things, and when those things are not there it can make you to imprison yourself and limit your happiness.

Happiness does not need to be there only when you have money, wealth, relationship, communication,  properties, work, education,  but must be there whether you do have those things or when you lost it all, just try to put that smile on your face and on your heart.

Some people can’t be happy when there is no alcohol or when there is no drugs; this is a pity, and we call it addiction. But just know that there is still your everyday happiness without these.

Yeah, it’s very nice to have money, car, phone, etc., and it’s enjoyable and can make you very happy. It’s not that wrong to have those things and be happy, but the mistake arises when your faith and trust is in those things and when you lose one of those it can lead you to depression and destruction of life.

You need the permanent happiness that is for free, free from above, the happiness given with love and which never ceases.

Appreciate what you have been given and give glory to him; that is why he gave you his only begotten son to shed blood for you to live better, free and happy, if you believe in him his love and happiness is everlasting.

Have all you have and enjoy it all but don’t let it ruin your inner peace when it’s no longer there because those are temporary things and you can leave them here on earth anytime. Do not commit suicide because of wealth, do not sell your soul for temporary satisfaction, and always remember that life is short.

Therefore use it – it is much needed for your enjoyment, satisfaction and happiness – but don’t put your hope and trust on it.