Be vigilant

By Josefina Gabriel |

Life is full of obstacles, full of surprises, and even full of traps laid by people with evil plans, plans to harm you or to disappoint you wherever you are and in whatever you’re doing.

So as much as we do our best to live an honest life, we also need to be very careful and check up on ourselves wherever we are and properly consider which direction we can take before making a decision.

You have to be vigilant in everything you are doing and avoid negativity coming from others or coming from yourself. As people we tend to worry too much and give up on ourselves or give in to anything even when it appears to be dangerous on us. And so we end up into destruction and regrets and silent pain and unseen tears.

Therefore prevention is better than cure; it is by having consciousness in yourself, by thinking well and making sure that you are taking a good way that can’t bring up long term pain.

Yes you can live in problems that can also make you cry and hurt you and which is no one‘s fault. That kind of problems are temporary and normal. Those problems are there to make you strong.

But here I mean deep problems. Sometimes you can go for some groups or choose the life that was not supposed to be taken and in some instances you can easily lose your future and life.

This can be spiritual life, where you can have a second chance by turning back to your only mighty God and find his salvation and everlasting grace. You can get a fresh life whereby you can become a good human being with dignity.

But it can also mean physical life, where bad choices can lead to prison for a long time or even to death.

Work hard on yourself by trying it out slowly by slowly with faith and his grace upon you; don’t be longing for wealth or short term enjoyment but be vigilant and avoid strangers that only bring temporary happiness.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, Christian author and online columnist.