During the coming 12 months residents of Eenhana will have to pay more for the water they consume.

This news was announced by Eenhana’s mayor Mr Omri-onn Kavandje when he tabled the town’s budget (Income and Expenditure Estimates) for 2022/23.

The total budget of N$88,884,486.00 was revealed last week by the mayor, making it an increase by 18% compared to the budget of last year.

Of the N$88,884,486.00 budgeted for the coming 12 months, 71% of it goes to operational expenses, while only 29% is allocated for capital projects.

“Our operational expenditure continues to take the biggest portion of our budget,” said Mayor Kavandje.

“This cost is necessitated by an increase on maintenance of both water supply systems and sewerage reticulation systems in town.

“The current increase of fuel prices is also starting to contribute to these costs. However, it is unfortunate that we cannot stop working or park our cars due to escalation of those costs. Otherwise services will not be rendered as expected by our residents.”

In order to recover the costs incurred in maintaining water and sewerage reticulation facilities, said Kavandje, the Town Council is forced to adjust its tariff structure in which the water basic charges are adjusted by 4%.

“The water consumption per cubic also gained N$0.85 cents on households, N$0.93 cents on non-domestic and N$0.73 cents on residential special users respectively,” said Kavandje.

Sewerage connection fees were also adjusted by 10 to 25% depending on the size of the pipe.

Kavandje stated that “the adjustments we have made to our tariff structure are far below the services demanded by our residents.

“Everyone demands Council to deliver within a very short time, which is impossible due to the slow cash inflow and inadequacy of other resources. However, we believe that the adjustment made on the tariff structure will enable us to move forward bit by bit.”

In the photo: Eenhana Mayor Omri-onn Kavandje.