Create a good relationship with God

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel|

Relationships are unique in their own ways and those who value them live a happy life as a result.

Relationship means to be in touch and in constant communication with those we love and value. And God valued us and loved us already when He created us and later sent His only Son to come down on earth and save us.

So that we, therefore, need to maintain this relationship by always being in touch with Him.

But how?

Step 1: Start with a plan

Follow a plan that transforms your inner-self by living in a humble way whereby you see yourself that you are nothing without Him.

Step 2: Take a moment to reflect

Everyday get fresh insights into God’s Word. Read or listen to God’s Word all day, and think and reflect on what it means. Go for Bible studies to learn more.

Step 3: Start a conversation

Praying is just the way of having a conversation with God. Through prayer you can tell Him all your plans, ideas, desires, and your needs. Tell Him what is on your mind and ask Him for wisdom and guidance in everything you do. Then listen to His voice.

Step 4: Sing songs of praise

Search for worship, praise or any gospel music to listen to on your phone. Sing along. Join choirs and use your beautiful voice to express your gratitude every day.

Step 5: Discuss and share

Volunteer in your community, home, work or whenever you are with friends, families and relatives to tell them about this relationship you have with Him. Teach and give answers on their questions about it.

Finally, Step 6: Engage yourself with scriptures

Engage yourself with scriptures like never before and apply it to your surroundings and to the relationships you have with all people in your life and community.

God gifted us with a bonus day. So let’s make the most of it and through a good relationship with Him He will let His love continue to shine through us today.

Despite the challenges, stick with Him, and trust Him, have faith, be humble, love everyone, have a caring heart, pray for everyone, ask for salvation, obey His Word and put it in practice, then Galatians 5:22 will be fulfilled in you and it will be your spiritual fruits.