While the youth is the future of the nation, yet it’s the segment of the population facing high unemployment, nothing was said about the youth in the State of the Ohangwena Region Address delivered yesterday by Governor Walde Ndevashiya.

The SORA address that was delivered in Eenhana to prominent people including leaders of the region’s political institutions, traditional institutions, government institutions and church institutions was the third for Ndevashiya since he assumed the Governorship of Ohangwena Region.

During his address the Governor reported that during the period of the last 12 months 212 veterans were registered to receive the monthly ‘subvention’ of N$2,200.00, bringing the total number of veterans on this programme to 3500.

Five veterans were registered to receive the N$3,000.00 monthly improvement grant, bringing the total to 67 veterans on this programme, while 109 veterans were registered to receive the N$4,000.00 monthly improvement grant, bringing the total to 995 veterans on this programme.

In addition, a total number of ninety-five funeral assistance was granted to the deceased veterans to the tune of N$950,000.00. While a total of 31 tombstones for the war veterans were erected in Ohangwena Region to the value of N$496,000.00.

“Twenty three (23) veterans received psycho-social counseling over the same period,” Ndevashiya said.

“During the same period, a number of Individual Veterans Projects (IVPs) have been approved and funded at the cost of N$ 5,610,000.00.”

The Governor also pointed out that during the period under review, 4 602 birth notifications and 2 799 late births were registered across all offices in the region, while 7 401 new birth certificates were issued.

“In addition, 4 869 new Identity Documents (IDs) were captured and 6 579 IDs have been collected. However, the Region is still faced with the challenge of late birth registrations.

“I therefore call upon all parents and care-takers of children to put more efforts and ensure that all children under their care have acquired the necessary national documents, not only to avoid statelessness but also to enable them to access the different social safety nets that the Government provides to its citizens.”

The Governor also stated that the region has ten police stations, where a total of 4491 crime incidents were reported.

“In an effort to curb the high crime rate in the Region, plans are underway to construct new Police Stations at Ondobe, Epembe and Omboloka.”

The Governor also pointed out a lot of things which the region’s government has done including giving goats to poor people, as well as how far the region has gone in getting its population vaccinated against Covid-19.

But the only line in the whole speech where the Governor came close to talking about youth unemployment is when he said that “The high rate of unemployment, slow pace of enterprise development especially among youth, as well as absence of a referral hospital in the Region, all poses a serious challenge to the betterment of the lives of the people in the Region.”

In the photo: Ohangwena Governor Walde Ndevashiya.